UbiQ Leading the Way for Working Capital Optimization in Turkey

UbiQ Leading the Way for Working Capital Optimization in Turkey

Supply Chain Finance at the Forefront of discussions at GTR’s Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference.

Istanbul, 22 March 2016


UbiQ promoting PrimeRevenue’s Supply Chain Finance solution at GTR’s Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference 2016 which took place in Istanbul across two days; the 22nd and 23rd of March 2016, providing the ideal platform for high level discussion and networking between business leaders from trade, export, commodity financiers and associated sectors.

UbiQ Turkey represented by its General Manager Mr. Emre Aydin moderated the “Working Capital Structures and Trade Optimization” panel providing insight into Supply Chain Finance win-win benefits for both buyers and suppliers, as working capital optimization (reduction of working capital) and cash flows are ranking higher in the list of priorities for corporates CFOs and Treasurers and for SMEs in Turkey.


Turkay Oktay, the General Manager of Leaseplan in Turkey and Chairman of Turkish Auto Leasing companies also emphasized the importance of working capital from a multinational company doing local business in Turkey. Mr. Oktay shared his views on how supply chain can be improved by collaborating with each supplier, enabling them to access to liquidity, hence improving the quality of service to almost 2000 Leaseplan corporate customers, having 20,000 cars & drivers on the roads in Turkey.


Supply Chain Finance serves various market verticals such as the Turkish auto-industry, the retail industry, textile as well as the FMCG industry, all of whom have massive supply chains that are at times complex and require a great deal of attention.


By enabling large corporates to extend their payment terms with their suppliers while facilitating early payment systems at reduced rates with no collateral or securities required from the suppliers, creates a win-win scenario whereby large anchor buyers reduce their working capital needs either from capital gains savings or from capital cost saving.


The supplier will increase his cash flow almost immediately and also optimize his cost of funds as he will be benefiting from the rate arbitrage of his large buyer. Supply Chain Finance will enhance the commercial relationships between buyer and supplier and help it grow and become sustainable for the foreseeable future as risks of supply chain disruptions minimize as Supply Chain Finance solves the suppliers cash flow problems.


UbiQ’s strategic partnership with PrimeRevenue, the world’s leading Supply Chain Finance provider allows UbiQ to optimize its clients working capital and cash flows utilizing best-in-class trade finance solutions, cementing UbiQ position as the leader in Supply Chain Finance in Turkey.


UbiQ was at the forefront of many topic discussions, promoting PrimeRevenue’s Supply Chain Finance as the best innovative trade finance solution for Turkey.


For more on how Supply Chain Finance solutions will benefit Turkey, please read our “Supply Chain Finance for Turkey” whitepaper.

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UbiQ Leading the Way for Working Capital Optimization in Turkey

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