Working Capital Analysis

UbiQ Innovations helps free up your Working Capital  the fastest way possible


Most buying organizations implement supply chain finance to extend payment terms with their suppliers whereby the goal is to improve working capital and cash flow.

Our SCiMap solution helps determine & identify the best possible working capital strategy and execute against that strategy in contrast to most supply chain finance solutions that simply offer a financing tool. 

SCiMap is a cloud based application that provides a thorough, data driven approach to design, execution and measurement of a supply chain finance program.  SCiMap analyzes your spend and provides a strategy to optimize your payment terms based on multiple benchmarks and individual supplier characteristics. With SCiMap, a payment terms optimization strategy is created allowing you to make the best decisions as well as to negotiate the optimized payment terms, generating more cash flow than any other solution in the market.


We know that your Procurement team is the one that has to work with your suppliers and negotiate new payment terms in order for both you and your supplier to achieve your objectives. SCiMap will give your Procurement team a competitive edge by providing detailed payment term projections per supplier as well as the associated supplier messaging. SCiMap’s supplier card will demonstrate different supplier financial and operational characteristics as well as the financial impact of different scenarios on each of your suppliers. 


Finally, SCiMap will measure and track the results of your supply chain finance program so you can see how you’re doing against your cash flow goals down to the regional, commodity and procurement manager level. SCiMap takes you all the way from strategy to execution to measurement and accountability.


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To obtain more information as either a client or a partner, please contact us today. UbiQ Innovations representative will answer all of your questions. To learn more about the benefits of analyzing your spend and potential working capital improvements, please download this interesting white paper: The Missing Link.

Working Capital Analysis
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