Supply Chain Finance

Introducing SCiSupplier


 SCiSupplier delivers early payment for approved invoices in virtually any currency and jurisdictions. More than $120 billion in invoice transactions are processed on SCiSupplier in 30+ currencies and in more than 70 countries around the world every year.  For buying organizations it generates enhanced cash flows and improved working capital by standardizing payment terms with their suppliers, while allowing their suppliers to get paid early and improve their cash flow.


Unique among any Supply Chain Finance platform, SCiSupplier allows the easy substitution, addition or change among funders and terms for each program. This gives our clients the option to choose funding from different sets of funders, be it local, regional or global funders that can be on-boarded onto the platform while also giving our clients the freedom to self-fund their Supplier Finance program.

Using segmentation strategies developed by the SCiMap solution, SCiSupplier can manage segmentation of suppliers for programs offerings a different mix of terms, rates and funders within a single program, Countries and currencies can be added and the necessary documentation handled as programs expand into different jurisdictions.


SCiSupplier provides all of the parties involved in the program with a powerful, secure and unique view and control of their part in the process:

  • Buyers can view all of the invoices due and automatically approve specific selections from each supplier or group of suppliers.
  • Suppliers can see all of the approved invoices and choose all or specific invoices for early payment at any time before maturity, either through manual selection or with our auto-trade system.
  • Funding partners can view each supply chain financing program they are involved with on a real time basis across their entire portfolio


SCiSupplier is honored with numerous awards and recognition each year and has become the standard supplier finance platform. For more information on supplier finance or to speak with one of our representatives, please contact us today. Our team of experts will provide your organization with knowledge and expertise on how to build a healthier supply chain.





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