Dynamic Discounting

UbiQ Innovations Dynamic Discount Platform for self-funding Programs


Cash-rich Anchor-buyers, have the opportunity to fructify their own available liquidity to earn extra cash-return through Supplier-discount, at no risk, by self-funding their early payments thus improving margins.

For many small suppliers credit is difficult and expensive to get. By working closely with their Buyers and leveraging the power and flexibility of Ubiq Innovations’ SCISupplier cloud Platform, Suppliers and Buyers create a genuine synergy that reduces the cost of Capital.




Dynamic Discount consists of a method by which reduced payment terms are established between a buyer and a smaller supplier allowing earlier payment of Invoices to Supplier in return of a reduced price or a discount granted to the Buyer: The earlier the payment, the greater the discount. Dynamic Discount brings an Enhanced Working Capital to Suppliers without taking debts. Furthermore Suppliers get paid faster and sooner at a lower cost than alternative options.




UbiQ Innovations introduces its Dynamic Discount by offering , this cost-effective mutually beneficial solution for optimizing working capital and offering cash management tools to both trading parties who start strengthening relationships in their supply chain.

 On a more practical level, the Buyer’s and supplier administration departments can manage more efficiently and globally, using our OpenSCi platform, all payments and discounting programs.


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