Account Receivable Finance

Introducing SCiCustomer

Improve your working capital by selling your receivables.

SCiCustomer is an integral part of the OpenSCi suite. This accounts receivable finance solution allows you to sell your invoices for early payment well before the actual due date and, in most cases, without any involvement from or disclosure to your customers. A true sale of your receivables, not factoring or a loan, SCiCustomer automatically handles all transactions across your multiple customers and provides your company with additional cash flow in different countries and currencies.

SCiCustomer is a state-of-the-art receivables financing platform offering cross-border financing at highly attractive rates with up to 100 percent advanced payment of the invoices available and backed by a multitude of banks and nonbank funders. Our solution allows you to sell your invoices and leverage multiple funding sources by using one single platform to manage the entire process from upload to sale through to maturing payments and collections. The entire receivables process can be managed and tracked with the SCiCustomer solution.

Generate immediate cash flow by joining our SciCustomer Receivable Finance solution

With SCiCustomer, in many instances, you do not have to involve your customers. Different from supply chain finance, the accounts receivable financing is done based on unapproved invoices. Invoice data is uploaded into SCiCustomer, where it is processed, funded by a variety of different funding sources, and reconciled against payments. Further, because SCiCustomer is a web-based application, nothing needs to be installed or managed locally behind your firewall. All you need is access to the web, and you can easily manage and get access to your receivable financing from anywhere in the world.

UbiQ’s accounts receivable finance solution is used by numerous companies from various industries and countries. SCiCustomer is also highly beneficial for funders trying to manage risk and exposures of their sellers and obligors in real time. The process and platform are highly automated, minimizing manual workload and allowing a bank to manage more programs at lower risk and generate more revenues.

We offer a wealth of resources for information.

To read more about accelerating cash flow by financing your trade receivables and SCiCustomer, please download our latest white paper, Turning Your Receivables into Cash.

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