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Supply chain finance is becoming more and more important in the Middle East, Gulf, North Africa & Turkey regions as it bridges the need of the buyer to improve working capital by extending payment terms to its suppliers, but at the same allowing the latter to receive early payment form a third party financier. It solves the conflicting objectives between a buying organization looking for ways to extend its Days Payable Outstanding’s (DPOs) and the suppliers demanding early payment terms to reduce its Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs). Overall, improvements to payments and receivables processes yield numerous benefits: The later money go out, the Buyer will decrease borrowing needs and reduce the amount of dept on its balance sheet .

Supply Chain Finance  is a great way to shorten Buyer cash-to-cash cycle and free up Working Capital. UbiQ’s will analyze the Buyer’s spending to set the appropriate strategy to optimize it’s working capital, creating a win-win solution along with it’s Suppliers.  


At UbiQ Innovations, our leadership team understands that optimizing working capital encompasses; Identifying cash flow opportunities that are hidden in the Buyer’s spend. As well as ensuring access to a multi-Funders platform to ensure both domestic and Cross-board trading financing requirements.

Through a detailed spend analysis, and the empowerment of the Buyer’s treasury and procurement teams, as well as the capability to successfully onboard suppliers around the globe, UbiQ helps Anchor Buyers in Turkey and the Middle East as well as North Africa to achieve their working capital and cash flow goals as no other solution provider can.


Liquidity is at Premium

UbiQ will first identify areas of optimized payment terms by using sophisticated financial tools and analysis capabilities, ensuring that the Buyer’s operational characteristics as well as it’s financial objectives are met first. UbiQ will provide the Buyer with a comprehensive, insightful analysis of its spend by presenting a detailed roadmap of cash flow optimized strategies, ready for implementation.


Funding Buyer’s supply chain

Buyer has the choice to fund its supply chain by accessing more funders from the 50 financial institution partners on UbiQ’s platform. As result, your supply chain finance program is not limited in terms of jurisdictions or currencies. Buyer will chose its primary funder for its Supply Chain Finance platform; while assigning other funders to either increase its credit capacity, or segregating between domestic trade and international trade assigning most cost effective funder for each segment.


Enablement of the Buyer’s Community

UbiQ helps your procurement team to communicate and educate your Suppliers; as Supply chain finance doesn’t work without your suppliers. SCiEnable ensures supply chain finance education and supplier onboarding on demand. UbiQ services are the fastest way to bring your trading partners into your Supply Chain Finance program as quickly as possible. Supplier segmentation and prioritization are key to implementing a successful Supply Chain Finance program. To develop and grow Supply Chain Finance initiatives requires harnessing relevant data to manage a targeted approach to onboard suppliers for which such solution offers the greatest benefits

UbiQ local teams can provide your suppliers with support in their own language. Make your supply chain more efficient. Contact UbiQ Innovations today.

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