Istanbul Talks: 2017 Fintech Conference

Istanbul Talks: 2017 Fintech Conference

UbiQ Paving the way for Working Capital Optimization

Istanbul, May 16, 2017 


UbiQ participated in Istanbul Talks 2017 Fintech Conference which took place in Istanbul on the 16th of May 2017. Istanbul TALKS discusses the future of the Fintech business world and the potential opportunities it holds, in a positive and inspirational manner and also creates an abundant networking platform for many new partnerships, investments and ventures to flourish, focusing on strategic fintech trends between the major players and incumbents in the fields of financial technology, crypto currencies, blockchain, Insurtech and the effects of digitization.


As a keynote speaker on the “Multiple Dimensions of SME Finance: Credit Scoring, Supply Chain Finance, Accounting and Digital Platforms” panel, Mr. Michel Kilzi (CEO & Founder of UbiQ) highlighted the importance of working capital optimization during these difficult times and encouraged the use of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) as a strategic finance tool that benefits all stakeholders (Buyers, SME Suppliers and funders) as Mr. Kilzi is quoted saying: “Fintech is all about creativity and innovation in terms of ecosystems that should ensure uplifted value proposition to all stakeholders”. Mr. Kilzi also shared UbiQ’s success in the Turkish market where working capital optimization is becoming a hot topic issue with CFOs of large corporates expressing desire to jump on the SCF bandwagon and increase their bottom line. Mr. Kilzi also noted that banks now facing BASEL III capital requirements are looking for innovative trade finance solutions that help solve these restrictions while providing secure trade finance transactions.


UbiQ’s expertise in working capital solutions in both the receivables and payables spheres along with its innovation model within the fintech ecosystem has generated great interest, especially with its award-winning Supply Chain Finance solution.

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Istanbul Talks: 2017 Fintech Conference

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