High Potential in the Fintech Arena: LendIt Europe Conference 2016


High Potential in the Fintech Arena: LendIt Europe Conference 2016

UbiQ at the forefront of Export Receivable Finance

London, October 12, 2016


UbiQ participated in the LendIt Europe 2016 Fintech conference which took place in London across two days, (10- 11 October 2016), focusing on strategic fintech trends between the major players and incumbents in the fields of finance, technology, marketplace lending and innovative trade finance.


Marketplace  Lenders (MPLs) have recently gained prominence following rapid growth in markets like the UK, US and China by providing consumer and SME lending as well as delivering alternative finance solutions for large corporates. This growth is linked to the apparent MPLs appetite to provide balance sheet funding or through the matchmaking of institutions such as hedge funds, private equity firms and banks that provide direct lending through the marketplace platforms.


UbiQ highlighted how the rise of marketplace lending may also present a unique set of opportunities for asset managers by providing access to a new asset class that will potentially offer higher returns and is gradually becoming more investible with Securitization structures and elaborated how a secondary market for these loans will improve their liquidity.

As a fintech working capital solution provider, UbiQ was proud to share the latest trade finance innovations trends focusing on export receivable finance and securitization models and highlighted the growth of total volume for receivable securitizations reaching $1.7 billion in Q2 2016, up 14.8% from Q1 2016 with marketplace lending platforms having issued $10.3 billion in securitizations to date.


UbiQ’s expertise in working capital solutions in both the receivables and payables spheres along with its innovation model within the fintech ecosystem has generated great interest, especially with its Export Receivable Securitization solutions.


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High Potential in the Fintech Arena: LendIt Europe Conference 2016

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