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Turning Your Receivables into Cash

The biggest obstacle to business success is not poor product development or lack of management control. In simple terms, it is a shortage of cash and the inability to maximize cash flow. The receivables financing platform, SCiCustomer allows selling organizations to generate cash flow through a centralized web-based platform, backed
by more than 45 leading financial institutions generating unprecedented flexibility in terms of jurisdictions, currencies, credit limits and competitive pricing.

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SCF as an Engine of Growth for the Turkish Automotive Industry

Working capital efficiency and cash flow availability are particularly critical for the capital intensive automotive sector. The Turkish Automotive sector is poised for further growth and investments. Supply Chain Finance can be of great added-value for this important sector in the Turkish market.

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The Missing Link Optimizing Working Capital Through SCF

Most companies implement supply chain finance to help optimize payment terms.Success is defined by working capital and cash flow optimization. However, most programs do little to help the buying organization determine their working capital strategy or execute against that strategy. Why? There is a missing link.

Supply Chain Finance for Turkey

With its high sustained economic growth of the last decade, and its parallel democratization process, Turkey has been able to establish itself as one of the most relevant emerging powers.

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Supply Chain Finance for Egypt

With a population of 82 million and GDP of $272 billion, Egypt and with all that it is going through is still very much a place for doing business.

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Supply Chain Finance for Morocco

With a population of 33 million, a GDP worth 104.37 billion USD and a GDP growth rate of 2.70%, Morocco has so far weathered the storms of both the economic crisis in 2009 and the Arab Spring.

tags: Morocco, buyer, supplier, funder, partner
Supply Chain Finance for Algeria

With a population of 38 million, a GDP growth rate of 3.10% and the Arab Spring now behind it, Algeria is fast moving to sort its house in order.

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