About UbiQ:
UbiQ Innovations is a technology-led service provider of Supply Chain Finance & Payment Solutions for businesses in the MENAT region. The company is backed by a number of highly experienced partners in the financial services (including Supply Chain Finance), technology and consulting fields.
UbiQ Innovations mission is to help MENAT businesses make substantial improvement in their Working Capital & Financial performance by delivering distinctive and Innovative solutions including technology enabled Payment & Supply Chain Finance services.
UbiQ Innovations expertise in facilitating Short-Term Trade Finance, Reverse Factoring & Working Capital Solutions enables its clients to optimize their Working Capital via Supply Chain Finance Solutions that are Cloud based Processing.

UbiQ Innovations relies on the largest Supply Chain Finance programs in the world. As an open interchange operating in the cloud, PrimeRevenue’s OpenSCi product suite is revolutionizing financial supply chain management by providing a tool to companies that allows them to optimize working capital and to strengthen their financial supply chain.

  • PrimeRevenue Strategic Alliance
  • As we always strive for the best, UbiQ innovations is now the sole exclusive official representative for PrimeRevenue in the MENA region & Turkey.
  • PrimeRevenue is the acknowledged leader in supply chain finance, managing and optimizing cash flow for more than 14,000 customers around the world and with trade flows exceeding $60 Bn.
  • The comprehensive solutions available on the PR cloud-based interchange, OpenSCi, allows our clients to lengthen payment terms to their suppliers while reducing the collection time from their customers. Since their inception in 2003, PrimeRevenue has developed a deep understanding of financial supply chains and has quickly become the leading solution provider on working capital optimization for businesses through close collaboration with their treasury and procurement teams. Headquartered in Atlanta with offices on multiple continents, PR provides a global reach to best service our customers with local market knowledge and expertise.  With the open interchange of multiple buyers, suppliers and funders around the world, PrimeRevenue has brought supply chain finance to the next level. Today, organizations can more effectively optimize their working capital from within their financial supply chain by improving cash flow, reducing credit risk exposure and enhancing visibility of invoices and payments. PrimeRevenue’s OpenSCi platform enables our clients to involve their strategic trading partners to create tangible value for the entire value chain.
  • PrimeRevenue’s deeply rooted forward-thinking approach and entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in their leadership team – a group of individuals with a strong foundation in supply chain, procurement, finance and IT. PR’s company’s work environment and corporate values make PrimeRevenue the destination for leaders who want to help clients optimize their cash flow.
  • Throughout its history, PrimeRevenue has been recognized as a leader in supply chain finance for its rapid growth, expertise and commitment to innovative solutions for its clients and partners around the world.

UbiQ Culture:
UbiQ’s mission is to help MENAT businesses make meaningful, tangible improvements in their working capital and financial performance by delivering distinctive, innovative technology-led payment and financial supply chain solutions.
UbiQ aspires to achieve its mission by continuously living up to three core values:

UbiQ conducts its business based on the foundation of integrity and transparency, with full adherence to the highest ethical principles and professional standards, as well as by acting in the best interest of our Clients & Partners

At UbiQ, we aim to redefine the boundaries of trade and cash management by continuously introducing new technologies to help companies better manage their financial supply chain. We innovate to provide revolutionary value to customers and shareholders and we lead the market by our competence, creativity and teamwork.

UbiQ’s services will be “Best in Class in terms of value and excellence. We will strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change. We are also fully dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of delivery quality and timeliness.



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